Sports Bars and Pubs in Carlisle

When exploring the many sports bars in Carlisle, always bear one thing in mind. When you are that far to the north of England and creeping as close as you are to Hadrian’s Wall, you never know when there will be a Scotsman sitting in the corner nursing a nice neat glass of whiskey. Do not fear said Scotsman. Because in spite of his questionable inclination to wear what you’re certain is a skirt, and the rather large knife that is strapped to his meaty leg, the Scotsman is merely a peace-loving rugby fan there to watch the game just as you are. He’s a smart bloke and has travelled south of the border on the advice of FANZO after searching for nearby pubs showing rugby. So what’re you waiting for? Get over there, buy him a drink and enjoy the game.

Pubs & Bars


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