What’s the story?

Rewind 11 years. You’ll find two sports-mad schoolmates in London sick never knowing which pubs would be showing the games they wanted to watch.

From this frustration, a plan was hatched and MatchPint began life as a simple pub finder for sports fans in the UK.

Fast forward to 2022 - we’re a global stadium of 14,000 pubs and bars, filled with more than 6 million fans, creating incredible sporting memories in 6 different countries.

As we embark on the next stage of our journey, it’s time for a name that matches our ambitions.

Time, Place, People

We understand the role sport plays in people’s lives. The emotion it evokes, the unbreakable bonds it can forge and the life-affirming rush of absolute limbs, shared with people you care most about.

Think Dier vs Colombia. Think Sexton in Paris. Think Raducanu ripping up the history books.

At FANZO, those ‘Where were you when…?’ moments are what drive us.

Bigger And Better

MatchPint was perfect if you needed a pub, any pub, with 5 mins ’til-kick-off. But we know that’s just not how most fans live their lives.

What you want is to plan the best possible afternoon for you, your mates and the game, as easily as possible.

That's why we’ve designed FANZO to be the ultimate sports planning tool.

It’s personalised, not one size fits all. We’ll find you the perfect venue, not just the closest. We cut out the guesswork and make organising your squad a painless task.

We needed a new name to reflect this shift to something bigger, smarter and better. Something simple and universal, something that sounds like how a last-minute winner feels.

Welcome to the FANZO era.


  • The app has changed to FANZO
  • The website has changed to FANZO
  • Any logins or credentials will all stay the same

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