Sport is only truly lived if it's shared

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Our truth

We believe that watching sports with friends is the ultimate social experience.

The science

It’s the most powerful way to consume sports

  1. 01

    Mirror Neurons are what give us empathy.

  2. 02

    Watching a game, we empathise with the players, heightening our emotions.

  3. 03

    Watching a game socially, our mirror neurons respond to the emotion of the people around us as well.

  4. 04

    The larger the group and the more we care about those people, the greater the amplification of those emotions.

Just like we feel when we're in the stadium...

FANZO are building the world's largest stadium.

FANZO are building the world's largest stadium. A home for shared experience 100x greater than the MetLife. Here's how you can join us on that journey.

1Build the stadium

We are building the world’s largest global stadium, 100x the size of the Met Life.

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