Sports Pubs and Bars in Soho showing sports live

The heart of London is not the easiest place to search for a great sports pub. Many of central London's pubs have shut up their sports shops, scrapping sky sports and heralding the era of wine bars and cocktail conveniences. Nowhere is this more appropriate than in Soho pubs. But all is not lost... a few beacons of light remain on the likes of Dean Street, Greek Street and Chinatown. There might not be too many sports bars knocking around, but there are a few remaining spot in which you can watch sport in soho.

Just scroll down this page, check for a pub near where you are, or you're going to be and click on the photo. There, you'll find out what to expect - the number of screens, the opening times and, most importantly, what games the pub's gonna be showing. Good luck!

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