Best Sports Bars and Pubs showing Live Tennis

Looking for the best tennis pubs in the UK? You're in luck - we've hand-picked some of the finest bars and boozers where you can grab a drink and settle down in front of the world's finest racquet wielders for an hour or two of entertainment. So if you are looking for somewhere late to watch Andy at the Australian Open or can’t make it to Wimbledon to watch Wawrinka, we’ve got some suggestions for where you might want to go. Check out the best pubs in London for Wimbledon as well.

Pubs & Bars

Belushis and The Dugout


If you want a banker (i.e. the tennis will definitely be on, not someone who looks after your money), get to London Bridge for what we think is one of the 10 best sports bars in London. Why, we hear you ask? It opens at 7 am, boasts A LOT of screens and has the ability to show multiple different events live at once.

Angel Oak


Brilliant pub in Peckham Rye, south London, with a gorgeous garden, complete with its own table tennis table where you can recreate those amazing Nadal v Federer tie-breaks or the last set of Murray vs Djokovic in the US Open 2012. With Sky Sports available, it's a pub for more than just two weeks of summer!

Euston Flyer


This corking boozer located between two of London's major transport hubs - Euston and Kings Cross St Pancras - is big on tennis. Due to it's location it's the perfect place to stop off for a few sets and a swift half as you wait for that train/tube home. Plenty of seating and a decent range of beers, real ales and wine make this a real favourite.



A firm fan favourite in Dublin, Sinnott's boasts a cracking experience whatever the weather. Four outdoor screens are a treat in summer whilst the traditional bar inside is littered with drop-down projectors, offering the perfect view wherever you're parked.

The Living Room


Boasting the finest outdoor screen in Dublin and a serious setup indoors for when it's not so fine out, The Living Room is a world-class place to watch any big tennis match on TV.

The Rushmere


The Rushmere shows every second of Wimbledon each summer. A stone's throw from the common, it boasts 5 screens, a projector and a cracking outdoor area. Get down on a sunny evening for a very fine time.