Sports Bars and Pubs in Canterbury

So you’re looking for pubs showing sport in Canterbury. Well rest assured, there is plenty that attracts tourists to the wonderful county of Kent including great watering holes. Thousands of tourists flock here each year to sample the rich traditions of the city. But there is more exciting things going on in the Garden of England than just the ancient architecture that is so steeped in history, as important as they are. When the museums and cathedrals close, a different sort of historic and cultural attraction comes to the fore and takes in a host of visitors – sports bars. The people in this part of the world absolutely adore their sport to the umpteenth degree. Kent County Cricket Club is a good place to start if you’re one such sports buff. If, in the likely event that it’s raining, then you will be forced to sit it out somewhere cosy. If you’d like that warm dry place to also be showing sport, then click here to see a list of pubs showing rugby.

Pubs & Bars

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