Sports bars and pubs in Belsize Park showing sports live

In danger of missing the match in north-west London? This list of sports pubs in Belsize Park should sort you out sharpish. We've compiled all the best bars in the area that show sport on TV into one handy searchable list. What a great bunch of guys, eh? First thing to note is that every single bar on this page has their own fixtures schedule of the games they're definitely going to show. There are few things worse than bursting into a boozer at kick-off, only to find they're showing something completely different to what you came for. Secondly, we know not every pub does it for every person. As a result, we want to give you as much info about each boozer to ensure you pick the one that suits your tastes or mood. Looking for some slightly more bespoke advice on where to head? Our handpicked list of the best sports pubs in London might just tickle your fancy.

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