Sports Bars & Pubs Showing Super Bowl LVII

The biggest event in the American sports calendar is back and this page will tell you exactly how to watch it live in London and across the UK.

Super Bowl LVII kicks off at 11.30 pm locally, which can make it a bit tricky to find a great venue that will be open for the entirety of it. We've got an incredibly easy solution for that. Simply scroll down to the fixture below, hit the yellow 'find venues' button and type in either your location or where you want to watch the game at. Our pub-finding software will immediately pull up every nearby sports bar and pub showing it - some will even let you book directly through our website.

Purely on entertainment value nothing quite beats the Super Bowl. It can't even be described as a purely sporting spectacle anymore, there are just so many different parts to it. From the half-time show to the ads which cost about $7 million each to show, this is pure Americanism in all its glory - there's a reason 100,000,000 people view it every year. If that get's you excited the regular season still has a tonne to offer as well. Use our pubs showing NFL guide to see all the upcoming fixtures.

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