Best pubs for Premier League

It goes without saying that the Premier League is Britain’s single greatest cultural export. When you combine that with Britain’s next-best institution – the pub – you have a truly unbeatable combo. Better than van Dijk and Matip, better even than Aguero and Jesus, in other words the Crème de la Prem.

So we concocted this list of our favourite pubs to watch this brand of electrifying theatre. We have our personal favourites for differing reasons and there is no such thing as a bad reason. It could be something as simple as serving up the best pub-grub around. It could be the number of T.V’s dotted around or it could even be the fact they play the commentary in the loos so you never have to miss a second of the action. This page is all about sports bars going the extra mile. But you may not be as fussy as us in which case you ought to check out our list of all pubs showing the Premier League. Follow that link to find your nearest pub showing a Premier League fixture of your choice on T.V, wherever you are in the UK or Ireland.

Pubs & Bars

Cafe Kick


Located on the buzzing Exmouth Market, it's no surprise the atmosphere in here is unrivalled for Premier League game days. It's kitted out with plenty of HD widescreens so you will always catch a great view of the action. Importantly, they ALWAYS play the commentary and overlay half time adverts with banging beats and with stunning precision too.

Bar Kick


This top-notch sports bar in trendy Shoreditch has two floors of sofas and giant T.V screens not to mention a large bar on each floor so you can always get another pint swiftly, an incredibly vital component of any good sports pub. Do they play the commentary? You bloody bet mate.

The Regent


Two giant projectors mean this place always generates a buzz that could rival some of the atmospheres in the actual stadiums. If they're not already playing the commentary, just ask nicely at the bar. They also serve up some incredible pizzas.

The New Unity


Packed with loads of T.V screens and plenty of comfy barstools, you can always get a great view of the game in here. Sitting up at the bar watching the match makes it feel like a proper American sports bar which is an immensely satisfying position to be in.

The Living Room


With more T.V's than you can count and a cracking open-plan layout, there aren't many better placed to watch Premier League football than here. The largely international clientele bring with them a wide range of supporter allegiances which always makes this a buzzing place to watch any match.

Punch Tarmey's


This classic oldie-worlde pub is so great you will never want to leave. There is loads of seating and plenty of screens on which to feast your eyes. The bar is almost a mile long so getting another drink is never any bother.

Tib St Tavern


Perfect for when you're with a big crowd as you can all gather around one of the insanely comfy booths. It's also well known for serving up some of the best pub grub in town.



An absolute dream of a sports bar with pool tables, shuffleboard and plenty of HD widescreens. Keep your eyes peeled for some splendid sporting memorabilia too.

Original Oak


There aren't many nicer traditional boozers and this one does a cracking job at showing the Premier League games. The atmosphere, particularly at weekends, is second to none and the food is spot on.

The Errigle Inn


This place is a winner when it comes to watching the Prem on T.V. It draws in fans of all different clubs from miles around to create a truly memorable atmosphere.