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Best Pubs and Sports Bars for Live F1

Here's a list of what we think are the very best pubs showing Formula 1 in London and the rest of the UK. These are places that go the extra mile and offer a superb atmosphere when the GP is on. They all have Sky Sports F1 HD so have the ability to show all races but you may want to click on their profiles and check out their upcoming sports schedule.

Check out our full list of pubs showing F1 in the UK for the next Grand Prix.

Pubs & Bars



South East London, Dulwich. Pizzas, Pints and Pirelli Tyres - what more could you ask for on a Sunday afternoon. This favourite haunt of ours in East Dulwich provides all three. Another excellent offering from London based Capital Pub Company, the pub delivers on all three counts of food, drink and sport. The outdoor terrace is also a great place to hang out and people watch in the Summer!

The Court


Right smack bang in the centre of London, this bustling pub on Tottenham Court road packs in a HUGE amount of live sport and always nails the F1 Calendar. Their TV's are big, their beer is cold and you're sure to have a cracking race day experience.



Central London, Soho. This O'neills is in the heart of Soho's vibrant Carnaby Street. Full of people from every corner of the Globe, the support for International drivers in the F1 is sure to be high. The pub boasts tonnes of HD TV's and grouped seating to make sure you don't miss a minute of the action. They also have some great drinks deals to make the most of on a big race day.

Seven Oaks


With a projector screen and 4K screens in the pub, Seven Oaks is the ideal pub to catch every little detail of the race. They love their sport here, so they'll be showing all the reasonably-timed races. They've even got a beer which is specially brewed just for them, so get down there and kick back for an afternoon of racing.

Murrays Bar and Grill


With a number of huge widescreens, you can always be certain of having a view of the T.V and this is a pub who take F1 very seriously indeed. It always attracts people of many different nationalities too which makes for a very excitable viewing experience.

The Living Room


Boasting loads of T.V's of many different sizes, including one giant projector and lots of small ones serving specific tables of 4, you can always get a good view of who's elected to pit early and who is gambling on pushing their soft tires to the absolute limit. Brace yourself for a high-octane atmosphere.

Sports Bar & Grill Farringdon


Sports Bar and Grill Farringdon is blessed with multiple screens and is a reliable bet whenever a Grand Prix is live on TV.

Globe Bar


Heaps of screens, a ruddy massive projector and a guarantee that they'll have the Grand Prix on make Globe Bar a real favourite for petrol heads on in Edinburgh.



Serious about F1? On the hunt for a place that'll be showing the practice sessions at a rogue time on Friday? Westwood is the place for you. A serious sports bar with more screens than you could ever need, it's a cracking spot to catch any part of the race week live.

Directors Box Manchester


This plush sports bar, slap bang in the centre of town, is a local favourite come race day. Showing every GP of the season, table bookings for the race and pre-orders are available here to ensure the perfect afternoon of entertainment.