For Pubs

What is FANZO?

FANZO is an online and mobile service, which shows sports fans what game is being televised in which pub, wherever they are, on their computer or via their iPhone.

How do I pay for FANZO subscription?

Subscriptions can be paid through GoCardless, the secure, online, Direct Debit system. It's easy to set up and even easier to use!

How are the top 10 bars decided?

Users of FANZO are able to report on the accuracy of your pub’s listing, and rate your establishment’s ambiance, food, staff and how sport friendly you are. The more positive votes received the higher the ranking.

My Pub page is empty why is this?

On registering with FANZO, landlords and pub managers are invited to immediately fill in information about your pub, so you can be in control of the information available to the public. Enter information about, your opening times, menus, number of television screens and more. The more information you put on the site, the more useful your page is to customers.

I want to change my profile information, how do I do this?

Once you have logged into your profile you are able to update or change any information.

How often should I update my matches on FANZO?

FANZO holds records for the following 2 weeks of matches. We advise you to update your match schedule as soon as you know which matches you will show, this will ensure that your information will be kept up to date.

For Users

What is FANZO?

FANZO is a free online and mobile service, which shows you what game is being televised in which pub, wherever you are.

Where can I use FANZO?

Website - Logging into from any computer, you'll be able to find who is showing your favourite team's games nearest you in a flash. Mobile - FANZO's free iPhone and Android apps will be available for free, meaning you'll be able to find the your game, wherever you are. Facebook - Through Facebook connect, you'll be able so see what games friends are going to see, and to join them in the pub of their choice.

Why should I set up a profile?

With your own my FANZO profile, you'll be able to set for preferences so you'll only see the games of your favourite sport and favourite team quickly. You will also receive special promotions from pubs, like free pints, directly to your profile.