World Cup: Watch Live USA Games

USA fan in London for the World Cup? Do we have a treat for you. While the American sports bar is a pretty common occurrence in the capital, there aren't any like this one. Passyunk Avenue have created an authentic Philadelphia dive bar to, in their own words, allows "American Expats and aficionados alike to hang out, guzzle down American beer, eat authentic American food and watch sports".

While that already sounds pretty sweet, it gets even better. Our friends over at the London chapter of the famed American Outlaws supporter group are along for the ride. Join them and a bunch of other USA fans for the Wales and Iran matches at Passyunk Avenue for a pretty authentic match-day experience. Who even needs tickets to Qatar anyway?

We'd love for as many of you as possible to make it down to Passyunk Avenue for the USA games, but if you're not in London there's no need to panic. We'll still make sure you're in front of a more local big screen by kick-off. Check out our pubs showing USA guide to locate one near you.