Sports bars and pubs in Whitstable showing sports live

This page contains a list of all the sports bars in Whitstable, Kent. Looking for pubs that are definitely showing the game at the 11th hour is a tricky business at the best of times, but with more games televised on more channels than ever before, it's time someone intervened on behalf of the humble fan. Enter FANZO. We'll tell you all the pubs around you showing a specific fixture on TV to make sure you're not left high and dry by a boozer showing curling instead of the Champions League final. This page is to help you find out what sort of pub you want to watch the game in. Each pub in Whitstable has a profile with key info on what type of pub it is - what's the atmosphere like, how many TVs they have, will they be showing with the commentary on, is your dog welcome to join you for a pint etc.

Pubs & Bars

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