Sports bars and pubs in West Bridgford showing sports live

Looking for sports pubs in West Bridgford? This page has answered your prayers. On it, you'll find a list of all the pubs showing sport live on TV in West Bridgford in Nottingham. We get it, finding a pub that's A) definitely showing your game on TV and B) ticks all your boxes with regards to what's is a tricky business these days. That's why we've set up our sports pub finder. On this page, we'll help you decide which great pub in Nottingham to head to for the game. Each bar's profile contains key info on what to expect - what the menu's like, how many screens they have, will the commentary be on, is there a beer garden, can your dog join you and much more. Crucially, you can also see exactly what games they're going to be showing in the coming weeks on their personalised fixture schedule. After a more bespoke selection of cracking boozers? Check out our list of the best pubs in Nottingham before heading into town.

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