Sports bars and pubs in Washington showing sports live

Once upon a time there was a pair of blokes searching desperately for pubs showing sport in Washington. They knew a few things to be true, such as the fact that sport was an immensely popular pastime in the area and that there were also plenty of pubs which the locals frequented. However, they weren’t to know which pubs were to be showing which specific fixtures. Being the pre-internet days, they were at the mercy of Lady Luck. After finally finding somewhere that was showing the game they wanted to watch – but sadly not the crucial commentary to go along with it, they took a seat in the pub and nursed their pints. They began to discuss a radical idea about the potential to create what could only now be referred to as a database of sorts. This duo was clearly in the vanguard of a tech revolution. Seven years later, FANZO was founded.

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