Sports bars and pubs in Swanley showing sports live

On the long drive into the heart of Kent, it’s easy to forget that the game starts in 14 minutes and you’re officially in a 24 style countdown to get into a pub in time to find the game. Good news, this is the page with the best sports bars in Swanley. Pick a sport you want to watch, then choose the game you want to see unfold, and select a pub that looks the best. It’s that easy. 3 simple steps, and chances are you’d already done the first 2 before I brought them up. Each pubs profile will also tell you whether they serve food, the number of screens, whether you can use the internet etc. None of them tickle your pickle? That’s OK, here is a list of the best bars in Canterbury, which is the only have decent place in Kent other than Swanley.

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