Sports bars and pubs in St Andrews showing sports live

Had enough golf for one day? Why not check out all these great pubs and bars showing live sport in St Andrews. Nothing beats walking off the course and into the bar, so have a look at the list we’ve put together and get your sporting fix with a nice cold pint in your hand. Whether you’re a total hacker or the next Tiger Woods, there’s somewhere for everyone when it comes to pubs. Click each venue's profile for a list of fixtures they’re showing as well as loads of other useful info. Heading South? Why not have a look at our favourite sports pubs in Edinburgh – these boozers are well worth a visit.

St Andrews, the home of golf. If you’re a big fan of the sport then this place is as good as it gets. But it’s not all about the 18 holes on the course – you won’t be surprised to hear our favourite hole has always been the 19th. Luckily St Andrews has plenty, and we’ve been kind enough to put this page together so you know exactly where they are and what live sport they’re showing.

Pubs & Bars

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