Sports Bars and Pubs Showing Sport in Rotherham

Discover great sports pubs and sports bars in Rotherham by checking out the list of venues below. Every one of the venues listed has confirmed the show live sport on TV whether it be on Sky Sports, TNT Sports, Terrestrial TV or a combination of all. To find the best pub for you take one of the following options. Either pop your postcode in the search box or look at the map to find somewhere nearby. If you'd like to know more about the pub before you visit then you're in luck. Scroll down the list and click on a sports pub in Rotherham you like the look of. That will take you through to their profile. Here, you'll see more pictures, a list of facilities, and details of which matches will be shown live on TV. The matches have been selected by the landlord themselves so they should be accurate!

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