Sports bars and pubs in Irvine showing sports live

Take yourself back 800 years, and you’d find yourself in the Scottish military capital. Move yourself to now, and you find yourself on a page showing the best sport bars in Irvine. Irvine is so steeped in history, but if that what you came here learn about, I’d turn right around. If, however, you came to see what pubs are showing what games in Irvine, stick around. We’ve got some serious pubs on this list, here. Want to know if your pub will serve you a beef and ale pie? Good, see if they serve food. You love to order a takeaway whilst in the pub? Great, see if they have free WiFi. Everything you could want is just here. Irvine a little bit too historical for you though and fancy something a bit more generic? Check out the best bars for football.

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