Sports bars and pubs in Hodge Hill showing sports live

(Ring-ring, ring-ring) Hello? Yes, hello, it’s the best sports bars in Hodge Hill. How can we help? Well, in lots of ways. If you want to find a pub that shows every game, well, you won’t find that here. What you will find it something a lot better – a list of pubs that tell you exactly what games they will be showing, meaning you don’t have to waste time ringing them up to find out yourself. As well as that, we’ll let you have a peak at what features they have so you know if you can bring your pet to the pub with you and if you’ll be able to an anti-socialite and live on your phone with that free WiFi. Listen, we get it, it’s not always going to be a one search job, so if these pubs haven’t quite worked out for you, check out the best bars in Birmingham.

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