Sports bars and pubs in Guildford showing sports live

So you’re here because you’re hoping to find pubs showing sport in Guildford? Well, you’re obviously a sports fanatic so you’re in for an absolute treat because Guildford is a byword for sporting entertainment and that’s the way it’s been for some years now. This isn’t the part where we start listing all the bog-standard non-league football and amateur tennis clubs in the area - Guildford boasts a far more fanciful range of sports clubs. With no fewer than 16,000 students to occupy, it’s perhaps no surprise that Guildford is home to four prestigious teams, rather unique sporting outfits. Guildford Flames, competing in the Elite Ice Hockey League, are the oldest having been established in 1992. If you prefer your ice hockey to come from across the pond, click to see pubs showing NHL.

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