Sports bars and pubs in Esher showing sports live

Fancy getting out of the hustle and bustle of London town for a little while then check out this list of sports bars in Esher and get on down. There is a distinctly village-type feel to this town which naturally means the residents are friendlier than a Woodstock hippie on acid. Being such a community-oriented place, the pubs epitomise that neighbourly spirit. Head into any of these charming little boozers and don’t be disconcerted in the bloke at the bar does a take. The chances are that he’ll want to buy you a drink, especially if you’re there to watch a game because the people of Esher are mad about sport. They know that watching sport in the pub is most fun when others contribute to creating some atmosphere so you can’t blame him for wanting to get you a little bit merry.

Pubs & Bars

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