Sports bars and pubs in Chiswick showing sports live

Looking for pubs showing sport in Chiswick? This page is everything you could wish for and more. We've compiled a fully searchable list of Chiswick sports bars to help you find the perfect spot for the big game whenever you're in west London. Each bar on this page has its own profile designed to give you the best chance of locating the perfect boozer. Crucially, each pub has a fixtures schedule, allowing you to see exactly what matches they will be showing in the coming weeks. No more arriving at the pub in time for kick off only to they're showing the Tiddlywinks. On top of that, we tell you what to expect from sports bars in Chiswick - how many screens they have, will they have the commentary on, what's the menu like, do they have a beer garden and can you hunker down for a game of pool at half time?

Pubs & Bars

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