Sports bars and pubs in Bootle showing sports live

It’s not surprising you’re looking for pubs showing sport in Bootle. For years, this place has been a particularly busy breeding ground for sports fans which makes the town a truly exceptional place to watch to watch matches. When you consider that it also boasts some pretty top-notch pubs, it’s a no-brainer when it comes to choosing where to watch the game. Only an anti-socialite would elect to watch the game from the shoddy snooze-fest that your living room almost certainly looks like. The pub is the best way to watch the game by a mile. You’ll seldom find a friendlier bunch of people than in this part of the world so you surely want to take in a game with them. Whichever team or sport you want to watch you’ll find places showing it on FANZO. For example, click here to see a list of pubs showing Liverpool games.

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