Best Bars and Pubs Showing World Cup

Looking for the very best venues the UK has to offer for the upcoming 2022 Qatar World Cup? We can't blame you, when the biggest football event on the calendar rolls around you can't make do with an average pub.

For exactly that reason we sent the FANZO scouts far and wide to discover those cracking establishments that make you feel like the action is taking place right in front of you, not on the other side of the world. Sorting the wheat from the chaff was difficult, but not impossible. The names you'll find below are the best of the best, the creme de la creme of Britain's pubs and sports bars. Visit any of them and be guaranteed a good time. Trust us, we're pretty proud of this one. If none are close enough to tickle your fancy, what you need instead is our pubs showing World Cup guide. It will find you the top venue nearby instead.

Pubs & Bars

Zebrano & Establishment


Need an unbelievable sports bar on the doorstep of Soho? Zebrano & Establishment might just be the place for you. Immaculate sporting vibes, big screens and some pretty special entertainment after full-time. Click below to learn more about why we love the place so much.

Skylight Tobacco Dock


One of our England Fanzones for the World Cup - you'd struggle to find a better sporting experience anywhere on the planet. Amazing food and drink, a boatload of big screens and absolutely jam-packed with passionate English fans.

De Hems Dutch Cafe


Our Netherlands Fanzone for the World Cup - De Hems is an absolute institution for Dutch sport in London. During World Cup matches it will be packed to the rafters with fans displaying the Orange. With local food and drink on offer, it will feel like home.

Famous Three Kings


With 18 TVs, 3 projectors and 6 different sound zones, if you're in the Fulham area trust us, you'd struggle to find a better establishment in the entire country. The Famous Three Kings is the home of foreign footy fans with Spanish, French, Danish, German and Swedish games all being shown with commentary in their home language. Truly a global atmosphere, there's no truer example of London's multiculturalism at its very best.

Elevens Bar and Grill


Eleven is known as Cardiff's finest sports den for a reason. 20 big screens is just the tip of the iceberg. Did we mention it was owned by Gareth Bale? We think we can trust him to make watching the footy the spectacle it deserves.

O'Neills Liverpool


A sporting powerhouse in the UK today O'Neills Liverpool has been going enough time by now to distinguish it as one of the country's best places to watch football. With the ability to pre-order drinks, food and special World Cup themed packages before you even arrive, you won't waste any time at the bar on on your phone by the time kick-off rolls around.

Belushis and The Dugout


We think this is central London's coolest sports hangout. The Dugout has been designed with the football fan in mind. Massive, seemingly unlimited screens and Dolby surround sound make you feel more like you're in a cinema than a sports bar. Want an atmosphere to rival that of a stadium itself? The Dugout should be your go to.

Maple Leaf


Our Canadian Fanzone for the World Cup - The Maple leaf is the only place in the capital you'd want to visit for Canada World Cup matches. Big screens, maple based beers and some cracking Canadian food, what more could you want?