Best Sports Bars and Pubs in Chester Showing Live Sports

Best Pubs and Sports Bars in Chester

Instead of taking in its famous zoo or hunting Welshmen with a bow (yes, you're legally allowed to), why not explore the best sports pubs in Chester? This glorious city may not seem like the sporting capital of the North-West, but just as the Cheshire Cat proved to us, things are not always as they seem. There are a great selection of bars in Chester showing every game, race or matchup you could want. It maybe less adventurous, but probably a smidge safer, to watch a game in a fine boozer, rather than go on a Taffy hunt armed with medieval ballistics. Also of note the mighty Chester FC may have just started out in life but are definitely worth a watch when they're on the box. As long as you're warm and cosy with a pint, however, we're fine.