VB NRL Footy Tipping Competition FAQ's

VB NRL Footy Tipping Competition FAQ's

Any questions or concerns you may have about VB NRL Footy Tipping you’ll find answered below

VB NRL Footy Tipping FAQ's

How old do you have to be to participate in the VB NRL Footy Tipping competition?

You need to do be an Australian resident and 18 or over to participate in the VB NRL Tipping competition.

When does the VB NRL Footy Tipping competition start/end?

VB NRL Footy Tipping will commence on the 1st March 2022 and end on the 4th September 2022.

Are there cut-off dates for when I can join VB’s NRL Footy Tipping and can I join VB’s NRL Footy Tipping competition late?

There are no cut-off dates for when you can join. You are able to join at any time during the year. Meaning even if it’s the seventh or eighteenth round you are still able to win a free schooner and a top tipper glass!

How many leagues can I sign up to?

You are able to sign up for a maximum of 2 venue leagues. For example, if you work in Sydney CBD but live in Manly, you can join the VB NRL Footy Tipping leagues in both of these locations.

In terms of private leagues (not venue associated), you can create and be a part of as many as you like. Allowing you to be a part of a league with mates, family, and even one with fellow sporting fans of your favorite NRL team.

How many people can be in a league?

Unlimited people are able to be in each league.

Can I submit different tips for each league I am in?

No. You can not have different footy tips for each league that you’re participating in. When you enter in your tips it will automatically enter them across all the leagues you are in.

How do I redeem my Tip Reward Schooner or 2-for-1 Schooner?

Once you have completed your tip submission for the entire round, your Tip Reward Schooner or 2-for-1 Schooner voucher will be loaded into your FANZO wallet.

Present your 2-for-1 Schooner voucher to staff at your selected local venues at the time of purchase to redeem.

Where and when do I receive prizes for VB NRL Footy Tipping?

You can only redeem prizes in the venue whose league you are a part of. This includes the free schooner and the 2-for-1 schooner vouchers.

To redeem your VB schooner, present your voucher to the staff at your selected local venue. All vouchers will expire at 6 pm on the following Friday after the voucher is won. If you do not use your VB schooner voucher prior to this time, you forfeit your prize.

Can I edit my footy tips?

You can edit your tips before the desired NRL game starts. However, once a game begins you cannot go back and edit your tip for that game.

What happens if I forget to set my tips?

If a tipper forgets to set their tips, the tips will be set to default. Thus their tips will automatically enter in as all the away teams are tipped to win and the margin set to zero.

If you’ve forgotten to enter your tips for a particular round but there are still games left in that round, you are able to go into the app and select your chosen tips for the games that are yet to begin.

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