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Sports Pubs and Bars in Perth showing sports live

So you are in Perth aye? Looking for a pub I suppose? Life has it's share of challenges, like 2020 for example, so don't let finding a pub to watch the game with your mates be one of those problems. Here is a list of great pubs showing live sport in Perth. Down below this text is a button that says filter and surprisingly it doesn't link you to a Spotify playlist of the famous 90s band but instead allows you to sort the list of pubs by the features they offer. Things like if there is a big screen, if food is served or if you can bring your furry friend (not your mate Gaz; I mean your dog) are important to pub-going sports fans so we have endeavoured to add that info to the profiles below. You may not know it yet but you are mere seconds away from finding the perfect spot to catch up with you pal and watch the game. AFL looking for shortcuts can head to this page of pubs showing footy live.



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