Carlton Draught Home Ground Quiz Answers

Carlton Draught Home Ground Quiz Answers

Welcome to the Carlton Draught Home Ground Quiz answers page! Here you can find all the answers to each question for every completed round of the Carlton Draught Home Ground Quiz. Thought you were a shoo-in to score over 200 points and not sure where you went wrong? Got stumped on a question and are dying to know the answer? This page is set to solve all your problems.


All the answers for each completed round of the Carlton Draught Home Ground Quiz are listed out below. Answers are only available after the round of the quiz is concluded.

Round 1:

Question 1: Which player won consecutive Norm Smith Medals in 1997 and 1998?

Answer: Andrew McLeod

Question 2: Which team has the record for most consecutive wins?

Answer: Geelong

Question 3: Who kicked the winning goal after the siren in the 'Miracle on Grass' clash

Answer: Ashley McGrath

Question 4: What number did Blues great Anthony L wear?

Answer: 43

Question 5: Who was the Pies last Coleman Medalist?

Answer: Brian Taylor

Question 6: Which player kicked GWS first goal in their inaugural game in the AFL?

Answer: Callan Ward

Question 7: Who did Gold Coast beat to claim their first AFL victory?

Answer: Port Adelaide

Question 8: Who is better known as “Captain Blood”?

Answer: Jack Dyer

Question 9: Who kicked five goals in the 1990 AFL grand final?

Answer: Essendon

Question 10: Bob Pratt and Peter Hudson share the record for most goals kicked in a season. How many goals did they kick?

Answer: 150

Round 2:

Question 1: Who was the inaugural captain of the Adelaide Crows?

Answer: Chris McDermott

Question 2: In 2001, who won the Brownlow Medal?

Answer: Jason Akermanis

Question 3: Carlton selected whom with the first pick in the 2007 Draft?

Answer: Matthew Kreuzer

Question 4: ​​Collingwood have played in how many VFL/AFL grand finals?

Answer: 44

Question 5: Who played in the first home and away match at the now Marvel Stadium?

Answer: Ess/Port

Question 6: The Glendinning–Allan Medal has been won by which player a record 4 times?

Answer: Paul Haselby

Question 7: Who won the 1989 Norm Smith medal?

Answer: Gary Ablett

Question 8: Which high profile rugby player was first to join an AFL expansion team?

Answer: Karmichael Hunt

Question 9: What game did Hawthorn break the Kennett Curse?

Answer: 2013 Preliminary Final

Question 10: Which team has the unwanted title of most wooden spoons?

Answer: St Kilda

Round 3:

Question 1: 18 goals is the most kicked by an individual in a single game. Which player recorded this feat?

Answer: Fred Fanning

Question 2: North Melbourne joined the VFL/AFL in what year?

Answer: 1925

Question 3: In 2016, who won the inaugural Gary Ayres Award for the best player in the finals?

Answer: Josh P. Kennedy

Question 4: Which player has won the most Norm Smith Medals with three?

Answer: Dustin Martin

Question 5: Which current-day player celebrates by shooting an arrow??

Answer: Xavier Duursma

Question 6: West Coast has won how many premierships?

Answers: 4

Question 7: The Western Bulldogs have had how many players win Brownlow Medals whilst at the club?

Answer: 10

Question 8: Which team's last finals victory came all the way back in 2004?

Answer: Essendon

Question 9: The Fremantle mascot is named what?

Answer: Johnny "The Doc" Docker

Question 10: Who won the GWS Best and Fairest in 2021?

Answer: Josh Kelly

Round 4:

Question 1: Which team won its first premiership in 1961?

Answer: Hawthorn

Question 2: Which player holds the VFL/AFL games record with 432 games?

Answer: Brent Harvey

Question 3: Which two teams have never made the first selection in the AFL Draft?

Answer: Adelaide / Port Adelaide

Question 4: Heath Shaw famously "snuck up on him like a Librarian" to which player?

Answer: Nick Riewoldt

Question 5: Which player holds the record for most consecutive VFL/AFL games with 244 games?

Answer: Jim Stynes

Question 6: Who kicked the first and last goals of the 2012 AFL Grand Final?

Answer: Nick Malceski

Question 7: Chris Judd wore what number for West Coast?

Answer: 3

Question 8: Mick Malthouse holds the record for most VFL/AFL games coached. Which club did he begin his coaching tenure?

Answer: Western Bulldogs

Question 9: Who won the Coleman medal in 2012?

Answer: Jack Riewoldt

Question 10: Tony Lockett holds the record for most goals kicked in the VFL/AFL. How many goals did he kick?

Answer: 1360