Carlton Draught AFL Footy Tipping Prizes

In this year’s Carlton Draught AFL Footy Tipping Competition you'll be sure to get excited over more than just your favorite team winning. There are prizes that will get you up out of your seats bursting with anticipation as well as some pretty good bragging rights.

Carlton Draught AFL Footy Tipping Prizes

Tip Right Pot

Win a pot of Carlton Draught if you predict the winner and margin exactly

Giftable Pot

Predict the winner and score within 6 points and gift a free pot to a friend

Top tipper Glass

Top your venue’s league and win the weekly top tipper glass

End of season major prize

Win the entire Carlton Draught Footy Tipping competition and win a unique 2022 Toyota AFL Grand Final Experience

Keep an eye to see if your venue has decided to reward players for entering tips in their venue. Receive a free pot of Carlton Draught if you place your tips whilst in their venue or receive a 2-for-1 pot if you can't make it to your venue to place your tips. It is important to note this is only if your venue has opted for this feature. Finally, your chosen venue may have also added their own weekly prizes for their weekly top tipper such as a free meal voucher

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