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Best Sports Bars and Pubs showing Live Boxing

On this page, we've picked out what we think are the best pubs in the country to enjoy a big fight night in. Boxing is quite probably the perfect sporting endeavor to watch in a pub. The build-up, the visceral excitement of the fight, the numerous talking points before and after to be delved into at length. Pubs and boxing is a fine combination, which is why we at FANZO are very much the friend of boxing fans. We help you find the very best pubs showing boxing on TV so you can enjoy every jab, hook and body blow armed with a drink and plenty of highly salted things to chew on. Below are a number of our favorite pubs to frequent when the boxing is on.


Regatta Hotel


This pub is a QLD institution an absolute must for sports fans. Get down there for the fight.

Buffalo Bar


These guys go big for just about every sport. With plenty of screens and a great American themed menu this could be the best spot in Brisbane to watch the fight.

Civic Hotel


Over in the west of this great country and looking for a place to watch the fight? Get down to the Civic hotel. She is a ripper.

Jindalee Hotel


Just 15mins form the centre of Brisbane the Jindalee has everything you need to enjoy live sport at its best. Worth booking for the big fights as can get busy.

Salisbury Hotel


If you like a laid back pub with plenty of good vibes this South West gem is the pub for you. The show all major fights and there is always a good atmosphere.

Brighton Metro Hotel


Down by the coast in Adelaide's south you will find this absolute belter of a pub. Showing plenty of sport all weekend and the big boxing fights as well.

Victoria Park Hotel


Across the swan river form the centre of town you will find the Victoria Park Hotel. It has a great local a vibe and the food is very good. Plenty of sport shown here!

Leopold Hotel


One of Freo's great sporting venues. Great atmosphere with the commentary on. Can get busy so book yourself a table close to a screen.



With all FOX Sports and ESPN channels on 14 screens throughout the venue, Shags is the perfect spot to pull up a chair and catch the game with a pint in hand.

Ferry Road Tavern


Usually a favourite for Rugby League fans the Ferry Road Tavern has been newly renovated and will be showing the big fights on the big screen.