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Best pubs for NBA

Interested in watching the NBA playoffs live? You’ve come to the right place. The best way to watch sport is alongside fellow sports fans. For this, we have you covered. Below are the very best pubs to watch the NBA playoffs. Head to these venues to be a part of the unmatchable atmosphere and make the most unforgettable sporting memories. Want to see all the bars that are showing the playoffs? Visit our Watch NBA Live Page to find the closest pub to you showing the game.


Bourke Street Imperial


One of the oldest and best sports pubs in Melbourne, the Imperial has you covered for the NBA. With loads of big screens over three levels of pub, you'll be able to see the game from any angle. For the ultimate viewing experience, head to the rooftop and watch the game on the jumbo-tron

Rosstown Hotel


The Rosstown is your one-stop venue that has it all. With great staff that are always happy to accommodate, delicious food and drinks as well as plenty of live screens to watch the game on, what more could you want.

The Precinct Hotel


Arguably the best pub in Melbourne's sporting hub suburb of Richmond, if an unrivalled vibe for watching sport is what you're after, look no further than the Precinct. Whether it's inside the bar or in the beer garden, these guys have you covered.

The Common Man

South Wharf

The Common Man is just special. Right by the river, with a huge mega screen and giant marquee will have you feeling the birdcage vibes whilst you what the NBA

Turf Sports Bar


A hidden gem in the heart of the Melbourne CBD. Sports fans have been flocking here forever to watch every sport under the sun. Our favourite thing about Turf bar? They've got zoned audio, so if the commentary doesn't match what's on your screen, just move to another area of the pub. Genius.

Regatta Hotel


A fantastic waterside venue in Brisbane that specializes in NBA. If you're near the river in Brisbane and looking for a place to watch the Lakers, look no further than here.

Fat Angel Sports Bar and Grill


Fat Angel is a strangely named sports bar that gets pretty much everything right when it comes to live sport. Another American-themed venue that goes with American sport like a cheese and vegemite sandwich.

The Prince Consort


The Prince Consort is hands down one of the best venues for sport in Brisbane. With a giant outdoor screen in their beer garden, this pub is the perfect place to catch those lunchtime NBA matchups.

Burleigh Town Tavern

Gold Coast

The Burleigh Town Tavern is a ripping sports pub just off the highway on the Gold Coast. With a recently upgraded sports bar and a commitment to show as much NBA as possible, this place has you covered for those lunchtime ball sessions.

Fat Freddys


Fat Freddy's is the best there is on the GC. Great American-themed food and specials on American beers will have you staying for longer than you planned.

The Sporting Globe Robina


Already a popular venue for sports fans on the Goldy, Sporting Globe never disappoints. This place was created to be a one-stop-shop for live sports viewing and they play every game on NBA live and loud.

Civic Hotel


The Civic is Inglewoods premier sports pub and a great place to watch basketball. A recent renovation has seen the addition of new screens and projectors meaning you have the best view of the action wherever you are in the pub. Our recommendation is to get there early and get a couple of games in on the pool tables.

Victoria Park Hotel


The Vic is a venue that has been loved by locals for years, and the masses have only recently discovered it. A serious sports pub with crystal clear screens and beers so cold you should back your snow gloves.

Ballers Sports Bar Fremantle


If it’s a crazy live game atmosphere you’re looking for, Ballers Sports Bar is the place to be. In the heart of Fremantle, Ballers is an All-American sports venue that is perfectly fitted for you to barrick for your favourite team at.

Payneham Tavern


With a huge sports bar, the Payneham is a great place to enjoy some classic pub classic food while watching the NBA live on the big screen.

Churchills Sports Bar


Churchills is your premier venue for watching NBA live in Syndey. You’ll be in the ultimate sports fans' paradise with their huge bistro menu and a seriously large selection of big screens to watch the game on.

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