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Sports Pubs and Bars showing Soccer Live on TV

On this page you will find a list of Football (soccer) fixtures which, once clicked on, will show a corresponding list of pubs and bars showing that game live near you. Handy, right? Here at FANZO, we pride ourselves on ensuring sports fans are never far from the roundball action. Once you find a pubs page you can find out all sorts of information about the venue. Including if they are showing other games, if there is a big screen and how other fans have rated the live sports experience. So, in short, you are in the right place. Or perhaps you are looking for a list of pubs showing Aussie Rules Football? In that case, you are not in the right place but fortunately, the right place is here in our list of pubs showing Aussie Rules. So after clicking that you will be in the right place. Although the right place is surely the pub...anyway you know what I mean.

Upcoming Fixtures

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