Carlton Draught AFL Footy Tipping Prizes

Carlton Draught AFL Footy Tipping gives all players the chance to win great prizes every week. You don't have to be a seasoned tipping vet to win, all you need is to head into your local to submit your tips and you’ll win a pot of Carlton Draught to enjoy. How good is that?!

Typically, footy tipping prizes are reserved for only the most dedicated tippers and take a whole 24 rounds of commitment. With Carlton Draught Footy Tipping you will have the opportunity to win prizes in every round of the 2024 home and away season. Whether that’s winning a pot of Carlton Draught instantly for submitting your tips in venue or for nailing a winner and margin, there are plenty of prizes up for grabs. If you’re joining the competition late, no worries! You’re always in with a chance to win with Carlton Draught Footy Tipping. Want to find out more about how to play? Check out our how to play page here.

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★ Tip in venue pot

Submit your tips from inside your local venue and win a free Carlton Draught every round.

★ 2-for-1 pot

If you can't make it to the venue when you submit your tips, you'll earn a 2-for-1 pot to redeem the next time you head in.

★ Tip it right pot

Tip a winner and margin and win a free pot of Carlton Draught instantly

★ Giftable pot

Tip a winner and margin within six points and win a pot to gift to a mate

Important reminder: All prizes expire at 6:00 PM the Friday after they’ve been won, so make sure you head into your local and enjoy before they disappear.

★ Weekly venue prizes

Finally, your chosen venue may have also added its own prize for the top tipper of the week. This means if you top your venue's league in any week, you'll win their custom prize. It could be something like a $50 meal voucher or even a meat tray.

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